By: Dante Cardinali and Jacob Bartley

Capital of Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela
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Signifacance of flag

The eight stars represent the eight provinces that represent Venezuela's independence in 1830
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31,390649 people


They have a Federal republic type of government and their leader is President Nicolas maduro moros
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Bolivar which is 6.08 of a US dollar

Cultral activiies

Soccer, Dancing, and singing are activities and entertainment in Venezuela


Arepa, Chivo al CoCo, Pasta and Quesillo are Venezuelan foods.
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Tourist attractions

Angle Falls (Caniana, Venezuela) I would visit this place because it is a beautiful waterfall to look at.

Altamira (Caracas, Venezuela) I would visit here because of all of the nice hotels to stay in.

Monumento a lavirgen de la paz (Trujillo, Venezuela) I would visit here because it would be a good place to pilgrimage to.