Fredericktown Elementary School

Heartland Outdoor School Edition

Heartland Outdoor School

Fredericktown Elementary School 5th Graders attended Heartland Outdoor School on March 30 and 31. Over 80 students participated in the overnight event including a variety of indoor and outdoor learning experiences. Our students and staff built memories through participating in team building activities, outdoor and indoor learning experiences and activities aimed at building social skills and cooperative problem solving.

There were many activities to encounter such as mammal, reptile and amphibian studies, Colonial Village, archery and many more. This trip has become a rite of passage for our 5th graders as they prepare to enter Fredericktown Middle School. Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Gregg, Mrs. Brake, Ms Richardson, Mrs. Van Baker and Ms Snell for coordinating the trip, Mr. McClay for supervising. The Fredericktown PTO, BOE and parents for financial support. Gratitude and appreciation goes out to Amy Lunuzza for attending the trip as our nurse and all the other participants who made this a successful trip.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning Experiences

Outdoor education and experiences support intellectual, emotional and behavioral development. Studies have shown that students who participate in outdoor learning develop a sense of self, confidence and independence. In addition, students practice decision making and problem solving, creativity and empathy skills. Motor skills, self discipline and initiative are developed through outdoor learning experiences as well. I am amazed at the personal growth, collegiality and sense of belonging that our students go through on this trip.

I'm thankful our student can participate in such activities.