The missing girl

by Norma Fox Mazer


this book is about 5 herbert sisters named, beauty, mim, stevie, and autumn

they live there normal life and go to school do homework and everything like a normal person. but they dont know that this man is watching them walk to school everyday when they walk home and when they walk to school, he watches them becouse he is loney and always wanted to have a family like them. 1 afternoon autumn (the younguest) sister shes 11 and she was takeing a walk and got lost. she was on the street were the man who watches her lives he saw her and asked if she needed help and she fell for it and went up to his porch, he told her if she needed to see a map of the town but she said no and as she was walking away he called her name and she thought that he might be her moms friend so she went in the house to see the map (but there was no map) im not going to spoil this for u you will have to read this on your own

Powerful parts

on page 239 it says "you throw the blanket across the window frame and clib up into the sill. you crouvh there for a moment holding on to the window frame then you stick out your legs, close, your eyes, and then let go. you go down so fast you almost fly off the roof" I found this part powerful becouse autumn is in the mans house beging help hostig and the man leaves to go to work and she desides to jump off the roof or stay in the house she decides to jump off the roof so she can get free