Gross Anatomy of Bones

By: Kaycie Howerton

Microscopic Anatomy of Bone

Osteon (Haversian Stystem)

-a unit of bone containing central canal and matrix rings

Central (Haversian) Canal

-opening in the center of an osteon

-carries blood vessels and nerves

Preforating (Volkman's) Canal

-canal perpendicular to the central canal

-carries blood vessels and nerves


-cavities containing bone cells

-arranged in concentric rings


-rings around the central canal

-sites of launae


-tiny canals

-rediate from the central canal to lacunae

-form a transport system connecting all bone cells to a nutrient supply

Anatomy of Long Bone



-Composed of compact bone


-Ends of the Bone

-Composed mostly of spongy bone


-Outside covering of the diaphysis

-fibrous connective tissue membrane

Sharpey's fibers

-secure periosteum to underlying bone


-supply bone cells with nutrients

Articular cartilage

-covers the external surface of epiphyses

-made up of hyaline cartilage

-decreases friction at joint surface

Epiphyseal plate

-flat plate of hyaline cartilage seen in young, growing bone

Epiphyseal Line

-remnant of the epiphyseal plate

-seen in adult bones

Medullary Cavity

-cavity inside of the shaft

-contains red marrow in infants

-contains yellow marrow in adults

Gross Anatomy!

Gross Anatomy!

Bone Marking

Surface features of bones

-sites of attachments for muscles, tendons and ligaments

-passages for nerves and blood vessels

Categories of Bone marking

-projections or processes- grow out fro the bone surface

-depressions or cavities indentations