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Need help?Meet the SSHH

We are the SSHH (suspicously secret homework helpers).Our job is to secretly help you with your homework through letters. Here are our guidelines:

-We do not help you if you have not tried

-You must have tried three times before you contact us

-We will not do it for you, for example, if you don't know how to do your Greek and Latin root cards (which you should) we will not make them for you.

If you have followed these guidelines and still need to contact us, write your question to us in a anonymous letter and sign it with the code HSe67. Then give it to Miss Dowling and tell her it is for the homework helpers. After a few days you will get your response.


Inspiration with Adrienne 😉

Its happy time! Today's article is all about you and inspiration . If you're looking for some of that magical inspiration let's ask some friends what theirs are:
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In math we are learning a lot. It has to be one of our main focuses other than writing and history. In our class, for math we are using a strategy to divide whole numbers and decimals. The math games we are playing are fraction flip, fraction drawing, or frac tac toe.

Yamaja Echols

Reading 📕, science 🔬, and social studies 🌏

In reading we got new book clubs. Adrienne says that they are going really well because they get a lot of time to work on them. We also have been working on poetry and figurative language. We have learned about sonnets, haikus, personification, and more.
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During band we are learning about different symbols like P is for piano that means play soft, and MP is for metsoe piano that means play a little soft, and fortae that means play loud, and MF, metsoe Fortea which means play a little loud.
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