Medical School requrie's a minimum of four years of college, Most people have bachelor's degrees or advanced degrees. The three to eight years of internship and residency depending on specialty.
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Typical Day

A typical day for a doctor is crazy. They lose patients and try to save peoples life's. They see people who are really sick and people who die.. You could miss a holiday with your family because it's an emergancy at work!:(

How much money do doctors make?

Family Doctor's make $200,000 a year. ER doctors make up $250,000. Plastic Surgeons make $450,000 a year also.

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Questions to ask a REAL doctor!?

Well what is the best part of your job? Do you like to help people? What is the worst part of your whole job? Can you stay home on a holiday or if no one else will go to work do you have to go in if it's a holiday?