Amber palace

By:Jaden walker

Amber palace fact

It was built in 1592 and it was built by rajaman Singh and it is open to the pubic. And it is by maotha lake.

Made by red sandstone and marble. And 4 levels each with a countyard. The temple dedicated to sila Devia and it is at the entrance. It consists of the Diwan-e-Aum or hell of priblic Audience. Series of gates and cobbled paths?

Amber palace history

Take it's name from Amba Matait is a fertility and earth goddes of the minas. The fort is the originally believed to have been built by Raja man Singh during 967 CE.
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Amber palace elephant adduce

Yes Amber abuse the elephant so they can give ride to the tourists most of the elephant are musty end up with bruises and scars and they used the choke to cover the bruise,scars. If the elephant don't leisten they will get hit.
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Amber palace Layout

There are 4 courtyard in the first courtyard is a place where armies would hold victory parades. In the second courtyard the raja held andience here to hear pertitons from the public. Third courtyard private living pace for maharaja and his family. Fourth courtyard royal for woman who lived there.