Digital Citizenship

Created By: Jasper Scott

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is to use your skills and to use any literature related things online. You can also learn knowledge while using Digital Literacy. It is also the skill to post thing onto the internet.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is the behaviors you act on the internet. You should treat others the way you want to be treated on the internet. It is also the rules to be nice to other people on the internet.

Digital Laws

Digital Laws is a thing to make the internet safe for everyone who is on it. Also, they stop people from bullying others online. It is also legal rights and restrictions on the internet.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibilities is the right of using technology and to have the choice to stay private in apps. It also means to have special rights and responsibilities on the internet.

Digital Commernce

Digital Commerce is the choice of buying or selling electronic devices. Since we have great technology nowadays, it is way easier to shop online or sell online.

Digital Communication

Digital Communication is when you stay in contact with people on the internet. For example, Texting, E-mail, Calling, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Kik.

Digital Health and Wellness

Digital Health and Wellness is using technology and the internet safely and appropriately. It is also the limit of being on the computer for too long and so your eyes would hurt by the screen.

Digital Access

Digital Access is when you have access to any part of the internet or to use any technology. I'll give you examples, laptops, computers, and phones.

Digital Security

Digital Security is to protect the privacy of your identity. People could stealing anything that you have online or get your personal identity.