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October 5th, 2018

Happy Friday! I thought I would try a new and different approach to newsletters. Some people like the video and some prefer a written newsletter. I am going to alternate between the two. Some Fridays my voice is so fried that I can barely speak for the newsletters. This will give my voice a chance to recover. I hope you like this. I enjoyed making it.

We had a busy week full of learning. I have been working with students on how to self regulate their bodies and brains. I am attaching a great article on regulation and executive functioning. Hope you find these as helpful as I do.

I am sending home ANOTHER permission slip for a sign up, but you don't have to complete it. It's only if your child wishes to use at home. It's a book writing site. They create, author and illustrate stories. It's fun! You do not need to do this if they are only using the program at school. But if you child LOVES to play around on it, they may want you to sign up.

Today is homecoming. I hope students will come down and see Harmony and Tenor in the parade. In the email you will find a lot of sign ups for the Halloween party and conferences.

What is self regulation? How can we help our students develop this?

30 Ways to teach self regulation at home and at school

Parent Peek into Our Week!

Spelling news!

Each week, I will take as much time as we need to complete the journal pages and games for the spelling unit. Because of this, I am trying to get away from committing to a specific day of the week I will test students. Last year it was so rushed, and I did not feel I gave the program justice by rushing through 5 days; starting Monday and testing on Friday. I want to be sure your kids are well prepared for the test. In order to do so, I don't want to skip journal pages in their spelling journals. I hope it's ok if I let you know the day before the test. Generally it will be a 7 day process instead of 5. This week they got their new list on Tuesday, so the next test would likely be the following Tuesday. I have placed the Quizlet practice links on my webpage under the spelling tab. You don't even need to have your child in to their Quizlet accounts. Easy! Easy!

Growth Mindset

I just read Mindsets in the Classroom; Everything Educators Need for Building Growth Mindset Learning Communities by Mary Cay Ricci. I am so excited about my professional goal this year, which is to improve student mindsets and perseverance. I will be sharing with you the tips that I am learning. I find it fascinating, and I hope you will too.

As I work with students to develop growth mindsets and grit, I want to plan a student/parent Growth Mindset game night. For this to happen, I am counting on donations of games in order to make this happen. I am attaching an Amazon Wishlist link with the games I need. Our PTO is so generous, and I have been using the funds for other classroom materials. These games exceed my allotted funds. If you wish to donate a game, please see Mrs. Geise's wish list in the link below.

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Homecoming Parade

Friday, Oct. 5th 2018 at 6pm

West Main Street

Brighton, MI

Come see Tenor and Harmony!

Halloween Party

Wednesday, Oct. 31st 2018 at 2:30-3:30pm

Geise classroom

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If you feel your child is struggling now with issues I may not be aware of, please contact me right away so we can talk about them. You may not want to wait until conferences. Anytime you have concerns, please contact me right away! I am here to problem solve and open to doing what's best for your child.