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March 1, 2019

Busy Days

Just a reminder, for those of you who like me might be feeling a bit crazed this week, that this time last year--according to our data-- was a the time when our high fliers were really having a difficult time. We had more behavior issues at this time last year as compared to other times in the school year. The data for this year will tell the tale for this year, but if this is a trend in the data, I also know that it does get better when the weather gets better.

So come one spring and drier days. We need you !!!

In the meantime, some things to help all of us help each other get through the next few weeks before break.

  • Please reflect on what a tier 2 actually is. We are getting lots of calls that are being identified as a tier 2 that are actually tier 1. Remember, a tier 2 is when the child is no longer able to stay in the classroom. They would be very disruptive, harmful to themselves, or harmful to others. The other option would be if the tier 2 was in conjunction with an elopement. If the child is sitting at their desk and not working, this is not a tier 2. That is a tier 1. We will still come, we will still support, but we will push into the class as soon as we can get there. If a child is sleeping, this is a tier 1. If a child has been in the lion's den for longer than you would like, this is also a tier 1. Most of our calls that we are responding to--that are not our high fliers--are truly tier 1 but are being called in as tier 2. Please help us allocate our resources better by accurately identifying a tier 1 or tier 2 as needed.
  • Ensure that students who are a 2.5 are getting their allotted breaks per the student's plan. We are finding that some of the students who are spiking right now are our 2.5 students. We are working to monitor the CICO data and make adjustments as needed and in this we are seeing that several students who are supposed to get breaks regularly during the day are not getting them. Students on a 2.5 CICO form are on the form for a reason. They need a higher level of support. The system only works when we work the system. If the system of breaks isn't happening with kids who need it--we the adults are the ones who pay the price.
  • Be sure to have the conversations at the end of each measured block with the students on CICO. Again (and I sound like a broken record), the system only works if we work the system.

I know that when the sun comes out that we will have better days. Hang in there folks. It will get better.

Upcoming meetings and information

There is a lot of information coming at us at a very fast pace. We are trying to organize and prioritize information for you without over whelming you with extra meetings or super long emails. Some things cannot be helped--you can only lesson emails from Michael Hubbard so much.

Here is an overview of what we will be covering in upcoming meetings just so you are aware and ready for the information as we discuss it.

  • Tuesday, March 5th PLC meetings--Grades 3-5 will discuss the latest 9 weeks benchmark data and teachers should take time to complete the data reflection for (just the second part because we didn't do any DRAs). Please do not create a new SMART goal, however look back at your micro-goals/smaller steps to review what you are or need to do to meet your goal. Grades K-2 will discuss curriculum, K we can talk about portfolio. Finally due to time sensitivity, Leigh Anne will be in all PLCs to review some of our data so everyone is informed about our current behavior data and practices before the state survey is released. We will meet in the conference room so we can look at the data easier.
  • Monday, March 11th Faculty Meeting--We will come together and talk about our Data Folders. Please bring a sample of your folders and we will work in multi grade teams in order to review what we have done thus far, what is working, what needs some change, and how we continue to use this practice to support our student's growth.
  • Tuesday, March 12--NO PLC MEETING
  • Thursday, March 14th RTI meetings--Autumn will have details of what to bring and what you need for this meeting.
  • March 19th PLC Meeting--We will have our book talk for our new books. if you haven't let Leigh Anne and I know what your team will be discussing from the book yet please do. We've got a lot of reading to do!

CICO Celebrations and updates

Congratulations are in order for our collective increase of completion of electronic CiCO forms for the month of February. We increased our completion of CiCO forms by 12% (69% to 81%) from our completion of forms from January. Great job everyone!! Increasing our completion of the CICO process helps our kids do better and helps build a positive environment in our building.

Kudos to the Sallee/Gragg team with 88% completion for the month of February and a close second to Grass/Williams for 86% completion. Great job ladies!!

Change Of Date for Science Fair

We have moved our Science Fair to the 11th of March from 6:00-7:00. We are working to find people to help judge, due to ETSU being on break now and unable to help. I'm reaching out to community members to see if we can find folks to help, but if we are in need, we may need some assistance from teachers. We will let you now if help is needed. Thank you for the help that you have done thus far to support our students in the Science Fair.

March Parent Newsletter

Here is the link for our parent newsletter.

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