Enrichment March News

The best part of your child's day!

Jennifer Ashmore, Art Teacher

In ART class we will continue to learn about and do artwork in the style of a different artist each month. We are still finishing up projects in the style of Paul Klee and have begun learning about a Russian artist named Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky and Klee were great friends. They met while teaching art in Germany. Each of them shared a love of music and were very interested in Color Theory.

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Tracy Mitchell, Computer Teacher

For the month of March, fourth, third, second, and first grade students are reviewing keyboarding skills.. Kindergartners are working on beginning keyboarding skills. PreK will continue to learn the computer and work on mouse skills.

Tammy Fishman, Librarian

In March, students will review book checkout procedures. Challengers will continue to check out books and enjoy their love of reading. Lessons will include support of teacher curriculum and continued library skills. We will host another book fair at the beginning of April and we are looking forward it!

The library schedule is as follows:

4th Grade - Monday

2nd Grade - Tuesday

3rd Grade - Wednesday

Kindergarten - Thursday

1st Grade - Friday

Happy Reading!!

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Cristen Dimas, Music Teacher

Let’s make some music! In MUSIC class, Challenger musicians practice and develop rhythmic skills, melodic skills and listening skills in age-appropriate, FUN ways. We make and experience music together using singing voices, instruments, movement, children’s books, and games. And we READ music, using visual representation and music notation. Every time students come to class, we: Sing, Move, Play, Listen (like musicians do), and Create!

In March, we celebrate the changing seasons! Your student may come home singing songs or reciting rhymes about St. Patrick's Day, hibernating, or the first signs of Spring! Fourth graders are doing great on ukuleles and will continue to learn and practice more chords and strumming.

Second Grade did an amazing job at their virtual program, Bear Snores On! If you have a second grader and didn't get to see the program, contact your child's second grade teacher and they can share the link.

Coming up this Spring:

4th Grade Music Showcase on Tuesday April 12 (includes ALL 4th graders, and features a performance by the 4th grade choir as well!)

1st Grade Music Through the Seasons Program: Thursday May 5.

Bridget Hodge, PE Teacher

Our Challengers continue to explore movement skills and practice social skills such as sportsmanship, integrity, and kindness.

3rd and 4th grade students are continuing to test for the Fitnessgram. The Fitnessgram is a Texas Education Agency required test intended to gather data on our students’ health-related fitness. The test includes curl-up, trunk lift, pushups, shoulder stretch, and pacer.

Our younger students participated in Dr Seuss themed activities that provided opportunities to challenge balance, counting, and teamwork skills while improving cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

Please enjoy a healthy, active spring break! Students that share with Ms. Hodge a drawing or photo of something they did active during the break will earn two tickets for PE!

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