Black People in America

How an entire race is forced to change themselves

White People in America are Oblivious

Black people are forced to learn everything about whites in order to survive. The have to know what bothers them, what triggers them. It could be something as simple as the way they talk, or the way they carry themselves. There are several defensive reflexes that whites will put up while denying that they obtain racist qualities. Everyone preaches for equality but there is institutional racism instilled in the law system that needs to be extracted. Americans, specifically white Americans, are the ones with the strongest influence on the law system. In America's current situation, they are the ones who would be able to change the mold.

Black people are constantly seen in the wrong light

White people are taken to showing fear towards men of color, thus inducing "self defense" against them. Black people give schools and neighborhoods a bad name and a bad reputation to no fault of their own. They are stereotyped against in multiple situations.


One thing that needs to be understood across the spectrum is empathy towards others. In this case specifically black people in America. If we placed ourselves in their shoes then we would understand the inevitable feelings of unjust treatment.