Causes of the American Revolution

Proclamation of 1763

  • British won the French and Indian War, which means the the British have they have Ohio River Valley to explore
  • Native Americans have stayed in the Ohio River Valley after the war
  • King finds out that colonist are going to the Ohio River Valley, but Natives are still living there
  • King stops colonist from moving into the Ohio River Valley, because he is scared that the colonist will start a war with the natives (wars were very expensive)
  • colonist get mad at the king for not letting them move into the land they won

Stamp Act of 1765

  • The King puts taxes on paper goods, which made the colonist had to pay for an offical stamp or seal
  • Taxes had to be payed on legal documents, licenses, newspaper, pamplets, and playing cards
  • Colonist formed a secret society called the Son of Liberty, which they went against taxed goods

The Townshend Acts of 1767

  • Parliament passed the Townshend Acts, which placed duties on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea
  • Colonist started to smuggle in goods
  • Tax collectors were allowed to search colonist home for smuggled goods
  • Many colonist started to boycott

The Boston Massacre

  • The Boston Massacre; also know as the Bloody Massacre, took place in 1770
  • A Red Coat (soldier) had an argument with a colonist
  • Soon a crowd started to form around the soldier throwing snowballs and insults; soon a small troop of soldiers arrived
  • Red Coats were ready to fire, but their general; Hernery Peterson told them not to shoot
  • One colonist threw a club at a Red Coat
  • Red Coats fire and kill 4 colonist and injured one but died within a few days
  • Protesters like Samuel Adams spread news quickly and Samule created a picture of the Boston Massacre

The Tea Act 1773

  • The British East India Company offered a solution to the colonists
  • Had huge amounts of tea but couldn't sell directly to the colonist
  • Cheaper tea might encourage colonist to stop smuggle, but would result into more tax money
  • Colonist would not stop smuggling, in fact more colonist started to smuggle
  • The king sent ships to the Boston Harbor to block the colonist from going anywhere until the tea tax were payed

The Boston Tea Party 1773

  • Colonist disguised as Indians to sneer into the boats
  • They sneaked into 3 tea-filled ships
  • The colonist dumped over 340 tea chests into Boston Harbor

The Intolerable Acts 1774

  • The Boston Harbor was closed until Boston paid for the ruined tea
  • Massachusett's chapter was canceled, the government decided if and when the legislature could meet
  • Royal Officials accused of the crimes were sent to Britain for trial. This let them face a more friendly judge and jury
  • A new Quartering Act required colonists to house Britain soldiers
  • The Quebec Act gave a large amount of land to the colony of Quebec
  • General Thomas Gage became the new governor of Massachusetts