Revolutionary era

By Ethan Grant 5th period

Summary of the road to revolution

It all started with the proclamation of 1763 which started the fire in the colonist hearts. Than the stamp,sugar,and quartering act came making colonist house soldiers and putting taxes on everyday supplies. This really angered the colonist leading up to the Boston massacre killing 6 men. Than this really angered the colonist. Than there was the tea act where they could not sell tea and had to buy it from the Indians with tax. This led up to the Boston tea party doing this the British put up the intolerable acts which a lot of rules were up and this pushed the colonist to far. That's when the colonist decided to rebel.
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Lexington and concord, 1775

1. There were a total number of two battles.
2.The minute men were waiting for the British to arrive.
3.These battles started the whole war and led to the freedom of the colonist.
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common sense,

1.Was written by Thomas Paine
2.Was written in 1775-1776 to the thirteen colonies.
3.Conviced people in the colonies to fight for egalitarian colonies.
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Declaration of Independence 1776

1.Was signed at the end of the war.
2.Gave the colonist freedom from the British.
3.Let them move farther out and made the British lift the taxes and move the soldiers out of the country.
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Battle of Saratoga, 1777

1.Was the turning point of the war making the Americans believe they could win this.
2. After this happened the french decided they should help the colonist because they could actually win.
3.The British generals viewed the colonist as ignorant farmers, but the wouldn't soon.
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Winter at Valley forge, 1777-1778

1.The colonist faced disease and cold weather at Valley Forge.
2.Washington trained his troops while At Valley Forge seeing it as a opportunity for his troops to become stronger.
3.Marquis de Lafayette and ba
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Battle of Yorktown, 1781

1.Americans forced the British in a corner at Yorktown.
2.Cornwallis and his dwindling forces of 8000 soldiers were forced to surrender.
3.General Cornwallis didn't attend the meeting for the surrender.
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Treaty of paris, 1783

1.The British recognized the independence of the colonies.
2. The British promised to remove all of their troops from America.
3.The new western boundary of America was the Mississippi river.
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