The Fault In Our Stars

Exposition and Main Character

Hazel is a 16 year old girl with lung cancer who lives in Indiana. Her doctor has just told her she has depression but Hazel tries to convince the doctor she doesn't. Even after trying to convince the doctor, Hazel is forced to go to a support group.

Rising Action

At the support group, Hazel meets Augustus Waters, also know as Gus. Once they get close, they both give each other books to read. Augustus really gets into the book that he received and he also has the same questions as Hazel does about the book. The author, Peter Van Houten, lives in Amsterdam and after Augustus finally gets Peter to contact him back. So, Augustus uses his cancer wish on going to Amsterdam with Hazel and her mom to talk about the book.


There are two parts to this climax. The first part is when Hazel and Augustus are about to talk to Peter about the book. Right when they get to his house they can tell he's a jerk. While they're talking he keeps drinking and soon he is completely drunk. He tells them one part of one question and that's it. They had enough. They left. The next part of the climax happens the next day. Gus is about to break some horrible news to Hazel. His cancer is back.


Eight days later Augustus dies. Hazel just doesn't want to believe it. At his funeral, Peter Van Houten shows up and Hazel is furious. He flew all the way out to Indiana for Gus' funeral. They actually started talking and she soon finds out that Peter had lost a young daughter to cancer many years back. Before he leaves, he gives Hazel a letter Gus had wrote to him before he died. It pretty much says how much Hazel meant to him.


Love can overpower pain and struggle. Even though Gus and Hazel both struggled with cancer, the love they had for each other meant a lot. That says a lot because "pain demands to be felt" as they say in the book.

Lung Cancer Article

I chose a article about lung cancer because Hazel, the main character, suffers with it herself. According to, these are important facts about lung cancer:

1. Lung cancer involves many different surgeries/treatments

2. Exposure to tobacco smoke can cause lung cancer

3. Smoking can also cause this cancer

4. There are two types of lung cancer: small cell and non-small cell

5. Lung cancer in the number one cause of cancer deaths ("Lung Cancer: Find Out About Stages and Symptoms")

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