Technology Integration Services

We make technology make a difference.

We make technology make a difference.

Five-Star Technology TIS provides comprehensive professional learning for teachers and administrators. Our desire is helping schools transform teaching and learning using technology to create awesome learning experiences for all students.

We can help you architect the learning, technology, and change your school desires.

Our TIS partnership includes:

IMPACT Analysis Report

Our eLearning experts will identify the challenges facing your district and the assets that will help your schools succeed. We measure learning criteria such as: ISTE Standards, SAMR framework, cognitive levels, and student engagement.

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Classroom Observations

Strategic Planning

Our eLearning experts work with you to craft a plan of action around professional development for your educators, making it possible for your district to leverage instructional technology effectively while measuring impact on student learning.

  • Establishing timelines and milestones for projects
  • Identifying current district strengths and barriers
  • Providing guidance on communication strategies and methods

Leadership Capacity

Our eLearning experts coach leaders to build capacity around leading and managing complex change.

  • Clarifying and amplifying your vision for all stakeholders

  • Establishing and managing expectations

  • Identifying teacher-leaders through asset-based strategies

Teacher Training

Professional Learning Specialists organize and deliver trainings to help you reach targeted learning goals.

  • Align and measure to your professional learning plan for the district
  • Regular analysis of teacher professional growth data
  • Chromebooks, iPads, Google Apps for Education, learning management systems, and more!

Online Learning

Five-Star Academy provides blended learning courses facilitated by a licensed educator. Teachers learn about integrating technology through practical and interactive learning experiences.

  • Unlimited course enrollment

  • Focus on integrating technology, collaboration, assessment, and data

  • Professional growth points for your teachers

  • Weekly webinars led by an instructional coach.

eCoach Development

School districts select a staff member to participate in eCoach development allowing them to share, collaborate, and acquire ideas for professional development and strategies to coach teachers in your school district.

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Weekly virtual Roundtable Session with instructional coaches from school districts all over the state
  • Participation in the Connected Educator series with a collaborative learning network