an update for elementary school kids and their families

Do you want to help save Kids Castle?

If so, this newsletter is for you! It's full of things you can do to help save Kids Castle. Read on ...

Save Kids Castle T-Shirt Design Contest

Are you creative? Do you like to draw and color? OR ... do you like to create graphic designs using your computer? If so, the SAVE KIDS CASTLE T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST is for you!

Note that T-Shirt Design Contest entries are due by March 23. They can be submitted as described in the flyer, or delivered to the T-Shirt Design Contest Entries box at the March 23 event at Kids Castle (see below).

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Visit Kids Castle before it closes for repairs!

On Saturday, March 23, from 10 am to noon, we're having a special event at Kids Castle, with LOTS of fun activities! The NEXT day, the Castle will be closing for renovations, so come play at the Castle before it closes for a few months.

Remember that March 23 is SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY at Kids Castle! Wear your school's colors or a t-shirt from your school -- show everyone how much you and your classmates want to help SAVE Kids Castle.

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Play for Kids Castle FUNDRAISER event!

We need to raise a lot of money to pay for all the work that needs to be done to SAVE Kids Castle. Do you want to help? This fundraiser is for you, kids!

How exciting is that?! THREE HOURS of play time at PSC-Highpoint if you raise just $50 to help save Kids Castle! And also an exclusive Save Kids Castle t-shirt if you raise $100!

Do you want to be THE KID who raises the MOST money to save Kids Castle, and wins a free party for yourself and 19 friends at PSC-Highpoint? Get started today! Click here to set up your DonorPage and get started now:

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What else can you do to help?

Parents who'd like to get more involved in saving Kids Castle are invited to: join our Friends of Kids Castle group, join one of our committees to share your time and talents, or donate to the cause.


Donate your way:

Keep up-to-date with our events, activities, and plans by visiting our website, joining our Facebook group, and following our Twitter feed!

Kids can get involved by participating in our many activities to raise awareness and funds to help save Kids Castle, or by joining their school's Save Kids Castle club. If your school doesn't have a Save Kids Castle group yet, ask your teacher or principal about starting one! Saving Kids Castle starts with YOU!