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Games Do You Good

For a long time, games have had a negative connotation. When you hear the word video game, you think anti-social, violence, and a decrease in intelligence. But are they really as bad as people make them seem to be? There are multiple genres out there to suit to your tastes. Which means practically anyone can enjoy them. Games also improve your hand-eye coordination. It also teaches you about teamwork and critical thinking. Depending on the game of course. There are also some games that are just for leisure. But isn't every game made to be fun?

Hand-Eye Coordination

A lot of high-paying careers require precision and a good reaction time. A surgeon needs to be extra careful when doing an operation and a Jeweler works with repairing or creating jewels by hand. People who play action-packed games regularly such as Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty improve hand-eye coordination and could enhance their ability to learn new skills.


Teamwork is key for in-game and real life success. Some games, especially online ones, makes you communicate with others, who are most of the time strangers. You have to listen to others or warn someone ahead of time to help each other out. Improving your communication skills helps you out in jobs, especially in the food industry where business is always busy.

Critical Thinking

Certain games can improve your decision-making and a quick brain will save a lot of time.

There have been times I've screwed myself up because I was rushing or just because I depended on luck. Games that include puzzles, choices that affect the game, or strategies develop your decision-making. This skill increases your potential to make the right choice and become rational.

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