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Larger and smaller film awards

Project principle: The FFA can promote support for the rental or sales (Section) of German films approve, inter Asia, for the following application radio tamil online areas: (1) To cover initial costs such as the cost and the production of copies of promotion activities, and in exceptional cases to cover for the Foreign sales fm radio online tamil resulting copy costs (maximum funding sum: 600.€000); (2) For the production of copies on the subtitling of copies or for the preparation of Foreign language versions for international distribution as well as for extraordinary or exemplary promotional activities (maximum grant amount:€150 000) .

Moreover, the FFA is responsible since 01 January 2007, the implementation for the German Federal Film Fund. The German Federal Film Fund, which the Federal Government Was initiated in late 2006 as Incentive to Strengthen the Film Industry in Germany, should the production of German feature films until 2009 with grants from year 60 Assist a million euros. Prerequisite for the receipt of funds from the promotion German Federal Film Fund is interred Asia a legally binding rental contract with one of the German Federal Film Fund recognized film distributors.

Be extended in the fm radio online tamil FFG and in the guidelines of the German Federal Film Fund measures envisaged for film funding by the Film Funding Federal Representative for Culture and Media (BKM). By means of the BKM-promotion, the less of the economy than on the artistic quality of the films is determined, the production and distribution supports the federal government artistic sophisticated, culturally valuable films.

Regional Film Fund Due to the cultural sovereignty of the countries exist in almost every state own regional radio tamil online film funding. Has its origins this multiplicity of film funding in the fm radio online tamil federal structure of the Federal Republic and the special position of Berlin. In addition to the treatment the film as a cultural asset is also more or less of the countries funding a Profitability of the product film sought, including the advance in this chapter described the reference film promotion is to be counted, because through them a reward Economically successful productions and producers is done by them are automatically granted new subsidies for future projects (see Clever 1997th: 97ff).

Moreover, countries promotions are working with the aim of strengthening and Expansion of media locations of the individual states and therefore constitute an important radio tamil online Economic factor for the medium-sized industry. For this reason, plays for Allocation of funds achieving Regionaleffekten58 an important Role. As Only jointly by all provinces film funding institution is the 1965 to name a charitable foundation founded Trustees of young German film fm radio online tamil whose fundamental objective in the promotion of young artists and film in the Contribution to the artistic development and the suggestion of the German film industry is. In addition to national and regional film funding manifest across European film support measures in the programs of the European Film Funding institutions MEDIA, Eur images and the German-Polish CoDevelopment Fund.
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