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Three Blind Mice

It was July 31, 1738, there were three blind mice whose names were Bobby, Johnny, and Jerome who accidentally bumped into the farmer's wife called Petunia. Petunia got scared and grabbed a knife and chopped the tails of Bobby, Johnny, and Jerome. The three blind mice took Petunia to the forest of Wiggly Diggly of Oz and she got lost in the forest. The farmer is the proudest man in the world right now. If you see the farmer's wife, please don't tell the farmer.

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Daniel Craig

His name is Daniel Craig and he is an actor. He was born in Chester, England, March 2, 1968. His first movie The Power of One was in 1992. He started acting James Bond in 2006. He made three movies with James Bond. He has a daughter, called Ella Craig. He made three movies in the same year in 2011. That year he married Rachel Weisz. He is 47 years old today, and he’s making a new movie of James Bond, called Spectre, on November 6, 2015.

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Woodlawn is a movie based on a true story. The actors are Caleb Castille/Tony Nathan, Nic Bishop/Tandy Gerelds, Sean Astin/ Hank, Jon Voight/ Paul Bryant. It is about an African American football player, who other players don’t treat right. Then a Christian talker comes and talks to them and they believe. Their first games they lose, but they still believe. Then, they start winning some games because of Tony, and they go to the semi-finals. It’s in theaters if you want to see it. Go to the theaters today. Rated PG.

Woodlawn Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Sean Astin, Jon Voight Movie HD

Little Alchemy

My favorite app is Little Alchemy. It’s my favorite app because you build stuff. How you play it is easy. You just combine two elements like earth and water and you make a plant or something similar. To complete the game, you have to make 500 elements and I am at 391 right now. They made other weird Alchemy games that are also fun.

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It doesn't matter how big.
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