Camden County Schools

Shout Outs!

Grandy Primary School


Shout out to the entire administration, faculty, and staff of Grandy Primary School for their hard work which led to receiving a School Performance Grade of A!
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Lunch with the principal!

Shout out to Nickolas Fennell for winning the Back to School Raffle and having lunch with Mr. Lazar!

Camden Intermediate School

CIS Fun Run

Shout out to all of the staff, parents, and organizers who helped with the CIS Fun Run! The event raised more than $16,000 for the students of Camden Intermediate School!

Save Fred!

Shout out to Ms. Wynkoop's 5th grade class for completing a team-building STEM activity called Save Fred!
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Pie in the Face!

Shout out to Marty Van Buren's home room for winning the Fun Run Challenge! Mr. Van Buren took a pie in the face... from every student!
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Camden Middle School

Donor's Choose Grant

Congratulations to Christy Thomas for receiving a Donor’s Choose Grant titled “Student-Friendly Counseling Office. This project includes materials to enhance her office for a inviting and nurturing environment for students.


Congratulations to Allison Heckler for being accepted to North Carolina Center of the Advancement of Teaching. She will be joining to participate in the Citizen Science: Get Out of the Classroom and into Citizen Science in October.

Camden County High School

International Club

Shout out to the CCHS International Club for bringing in Señor Luis Troconis from Madrid, Spain to speak with students at CCHS.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Congratulations to USCG JLP Cadet Luke Mills for receiving a letter of assurance which guarantees him admission to the Coast Guard Academy if he meet all admissions requirements! Semper Paratus!

Camden Early College High School

World Travelers

Congratulations to Thomas White and Riley Pingree for being selected for a two week cultural exchange program in Singapore!
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Tuition Savings!

Shout out to Camden Early College High School! This fall students attending the Early College saved...

$72,656 in tuition

$14,523 in textbooks

$6,206 in fees

A total savings of $93,382.55

Camden County Schools

Law Enforcement

Shout out to Deputy Mike Lawrence and all of our local law enforcement agencies for all that they do to maintain a presence in our schools and keep our students safe!
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Camden County Schools


Camden County Schools will be a model for success in education.


The Camden County Schools, in partnership with home and community, will educate all to be productive citizens in an ever-changing global society.