Swim Facility

By: Gabby G.

Why We Should Have A Swim Facility

  • swimming is a great excise
  • Swimming laps over and over for one hour burns 470 to 670 calories
I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. I think your mind really controls everything.

- Michael Phelps

Why It's Good For Kids

  • When an adult teaches a kid how to swim that kid trust the adult more the usual
  • It builds more trust for kids and adults
As Dori once said,"Just keep swimming"

Dreams CAN come TRUE

  • When a kid dreams to be an Olympic swimmer you can hep them
  • it encourages them to " just keep swimming,just keep swimming"
You cant put a limit on anything.The more you dream,the further you get.

-Michael Phelps


Canoeing- 0.67% 4th most

Diving- 0.68% 3rd most

Table Tennis- 0.71% 2nd most


Michael Phelps : Anything is possible

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