CARES Rm. 101

Week of: 4/4/2016-4/8/2016

Learning New Things!

This week we learned what we need in order to help plants grow. We learned that plants need water, air, sun, and soil in order to grow. In speech group we planted grass seed and are now watching to see how it will grow. April Showers Bring May Flowers...

Lots of Fun!

Learning through technology and music...

Our students are having fun through music and technology! Students are working on their counting skills through manipulatives and apps on the tap it. We are counting one through ten and matching pictures with different amounts of objects to the number. On our tap it we can make our own music just like we do in music therapy on Thursdays. Today we had lots of fun at swimming and learning how to wait while others are taking turns with pool toys.

Speaking of music we will be starting Kids Love Musicals. There is packet explaining this wonderful experience along with permission slips. Our students use musical as a great therapy resource and sensory experience. Please help our students in joining this experience.

About Us

Shyanna Lindberg: Intervention Specialist

Courtney Fellows: Assistant

Tia Hameed: Assistant

Jo Taylor: Interpreter