Shark Project

Matthew Houston

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Gallbladder- Stores and concentrates bile.

Heart- Used to pump blood throughout the body.

Kidney- Extracts waste from blood, balances body fluids and forms urine.

Liver- Produces bile and breaks down fats in the small intestine.

Pancreas- Helps in digestion and regulates blood sugar.

Small Intestine- Absorbs nutrients from the food.

Large Intestine- Absorbs water from the indigestible food matter.

Stomach- Break down and digest food.

Esophagus- Carries food, water, and saliva from the mouth to the body.

Rectum- Controls the expulsion of feces.

Claspers- These are only found on male sharks.

Lateral Line- Detects movement and vibration in the water.

Gills- They exchange different gases in and out of the animal.


A. It is apart of the Selachii group.

B. A dogfish shark usually lives from about 20-30 years.

C. They typically live in the Pacific Ocean.

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