Changing the Views on Homosexuality

Written by Megan Schuessler

How We're Currently Affected

  • job denial
  • conversion therapy
  • large suicide numbers
  • lack of acceptance
  • discrimination

Why Do We Judge?

  • values taught to us
  • religious beliefs
  • differences
  • intimate preferences
  • non-inclusive sexual education

Ways to Combat Judgement

  • inclusive sexual education
  • non-conversion based counseling
  • teaching acceptance
  • accurate biblical teachings (not selective)

Benefits of Allowing Gay Marriage

  • rewriting values
  • no labeling/categorizing

Disadvantages of NOT Allowing Gay Marriage

  • continued judgement
  • discrimination
  • division of America
  • controversy & arguments

Why Do People Care So Much?

Fun Facts

  • homosexual not a word until 19th century