Davis Staff Friday Flyer

Deep in the Heart of Davis

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Growth Mindset

School is hard! Is there a more important skill to learn than perseverance?


February 28: Parent Academy for parents (ESL) "Not my Child!" Theme: The use of drugs

March 2 (Thursday) Open House 5:30-7:00 PM

March 6-10 Spring Break- No School

March 24 (Friday) KG Round Up

March 28 (Tuesday) 4th STAAR Writing & 5th Math STAAR

March 29 (Wednesday) 5th STAAR Reading

April 14 (Friday) Student/Teacher Holiday (2nd Bad Weather Day if Needed)

April 17 (Monday) Student Holiday (1st Bad Weather Day if Needed)

May 8 (Monday) 3rd & 4th Math STAAR

May 9 (Tuesday) 3rd & 4th Reading STAAR

May 10 (Wednesday) 5th STAAR Science

May 26 (Friday) Field Day

May 29 (Monday) Student/Teacher Holiday

June 2 (Friday) Last Day of School/Students Release @ 12

Spotlight on Professional Learning

7 Tips for Limiting Problem Behaviors in Your Classroom

These are great reminders. Please take a look at this short, easy to read article.



Happy Birthday to you!!!

February Birthdays

Whitney 8th

Stephanie G. 14th

Jennifer P. 14th

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find new apps and web tools for my learners?


Plano ISD tech blog


How do I access the building on the weekends?

Contact Brenda Terenas or Jan West

I need to know how to request a day off/access the copy machine/send a fax.

The staff handbook is located at: https://docs.google.com/a/pisd.edu/document/d/1NRqWSqHZJ8cJ5w1Ck29DxImlK04MijfIdlnOd_8sUmo/edit?usp=sharing