APUSH Review Project


In preparation for the AP Exam, you and your group will be working collaboratively together on an APUSH Review Project. You will be responsible for both individual and group contributions, covering all nine Key Periods. You will display your creations on a class Padlet board. These boards will be linked to our class website to be used as a crowd-sourced concept review.

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Project Submissions

  • You will be working in a group of 3-4 students. You will work with this group for the remainder of the school year.
  • Each member is responsible for 1 individual submission, and 1 group submission. All Key Periods must be covered by either an individual or group project.
  • Group submissions must visibly include the work of all group members.
  • Everything must be school appropriate. If you have to ask me if it’s appropriate, it’s probably not. Inappropriate material will result in a zero for that submission.
  • All videos must be uploaded to YouTube.
  • All work will be uploaded onto the corresponding Key Period column of the class Padlet. Each submission must have the student's name clearly posted in the title of the submission.
  • Due dates will be posted on the class website.
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Must include the section of the Course Outline covered somewhere in the project.

  • Create an infographic of an event, development, or significant individual (use piktochart or canva); minimum of five sections/topics
  • Create a DBQ. Must create an appropriate prompt with seven documents. Must include at least one picture/painting/political cartoon, one map/graph/chart, and one speech. Must include a brief "scoring guide" (1-2 paragraphs explaining what a good essay would look like).
  • Create a 25 question, Kahoot Review Game, reviewing material found on the Key Concept Outline. Each question must have four answer choices and be AP quality, and include a corresponding picture.
  • Create a historical thinking skills graphic organizer (comparison, continuity and change, periodization, historical context, causation, interpretation) for a theme or broad topic from the Course Outline. You must create a blank copy, and one to be used as a key.
  • Create a One Page of a section of the Key Concept Outline (e.g. 5.2.III), using Canva, or piktochart.
  • Create a PowerPoint or Prezi that reviews one topic or section from the Key Concept Outline (e.g. 4.1.II.). Must include wording from the Key Concept Outline.
  • Create a flipped lesson covering the major events of a Key Period (Crash-Course style). May use PowerPoint, Prezi, ExplainEverything, Screencast, etc. Must be between 10-15 minutes in length. (May also be done as a group assignment)
  • Create a podcast that delves into one topic from the Key Concept Outline (e.g. Stuff You Missed in History Class). Must address how the topic fits into the Key Period, as well as its significance to history. (May also be done as a group assignment)
  • Create a digital timeline for a Key Period using Sutori or other digital program, including images or video for each event. Must explain periodization (why it begins and ends there), as well as identify and explain one turning point. Minimum of 10 events.
  • Interview an adult who lived through KP7-9 (minimum of 20+ years older). Your questions should reflect their experiences regarding events described in the Key Concept Outline. May be video, audio, or written transcription. Must include name, age, and relation of the interviewee. (Available Semester 2 ONLY)
  • Student's Choice! Come up with an interesting, informational project of your choice. Must be approved by teacher beforehand.

25 points each

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  • Make a music video in which you rewrite a song to reflect an event or trend from one of the Key Periods (e.g. Too Late to Apologize/Declaration of Independence or Epic Rap Battles from History). Must include a copy of your lyrics, either on the video itself or in a separate document.
  • Create a fictionalized, historically accurate newscast/interview/talk show/Tonight Show/Weekend Update focusing on an event or person from the Key Concept Outline. 10 minutes minimum.
  • Create a movie trailer of an event mentioned in the Key Concept Outline. Must clearly connect the "movie" to major events from the Key Concept Outline. 3 minutes minimum.
  • Create a review game to play with the class - think fun, creative, fast-paced games, like Catchphrase, Apples to Apples, etc. It may be a recreation of an existing game, or one of your own creation. Games should take at least 20 minutes to play. Must bring to class with all required game pieces.
  • Group’s Choice! Come up with an interesting collaborative project of your choice. Must be approved by teacher beforehand.

50 points each

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You may complete one of the following Extra Credit assignments per semester.

  • Create a fictional twitter feud between two historical figures. Must include a handle for each person, and conversation that reflects their conflicting ideals. Must have a minimum of 5 statements per figure.
  • Create a historically accurate meme, tweet, or pick up line for each Key Period from that semester. Remember: must be school appropriate! Add as one post.
  • Create a historical Instagram profile for a person of historical significance. It must have a minimum of 10 historically accurate, hopefully, interesting/clever/funny posts. You should include appropriate hashtags, and #ERHS with your BEST creation.
  • Create a children’s story or graphic novel that relates an event from the Key Concept Outline. Must be at least 10 pages with illustrations.
  • Reenact a historical painting, political cartoon, or photograph. Must include side-by-side of the original. Must explain the significance of the image in history and how it reflects the Key Period. May be completed by an individual or group.
  • Student's Choice! Come up with an interesting, informational project of your choice. Must be approved by teacher beforehand.

10 points extra credit possible

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