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A Glimpse into Mathematics Classrooms Across the District

Implementation Week 3

Collaboration was the word of the week! In our travels over the past few days we saw teachers collaborating with one another, students collaborating not only in their own classrooms, but across grade levels, and administration and teaching staff coming together to address issues together. Who knew MATH could do all this?!?! Keep up the great work!

Shout Outs!

Let's hear it for...

Our 1st and 4th grade teams at Jacksonwald for taking collaboration in math across grade levels and helping to build a sense of community within the building! 4th grade students completed a data collection exercise by measuring the heights of their 1st grade friends. Awesome!

Dan Wilchek...we all know he's awesome, and it's been a pretty rough week for the tech department! Thanks Dan!

Our Junior High team for continuing to do a great job with CPM, even when the time constraints sometimes make it difficult. Keep up the great work!

New This Week: "Dan's Corner"

I will be linking to Dan's Tech Talks each week! Check it out! Below is the first one from his series...
Session 1:Google Drive Login for Teachers

A Peek at Next Week...

Math Support this week (9/22-9/26):

Monday and Tuesday: Heidi and Deb will be at the BCIU and only available by email.

Wednesday and Thursday: Heidi and Deb will be available for questions/concerns at the times and buildings listed below, but will NOT be visiting classrooms (unless requested to!) Building principals will announce which room we will be in...

Wednesday- A.M @ Jacksonwald, P.M. @ Lorane

Thursday- A.M. @ Reiffton, P.M. @ Owatin

Friday: By appointment only.

Quote of the Week

"The real secret of success is enthusiasm."

-- Walter Chrysler, entrepreneur

Don't let our forward motion stall! Keep that energy and enthusiasm flowing...it is truly infectious!