Input Devices

Learning Objective : To Know More About Input Devices

What are input devices ?

A device that can be used to insert data into a computer or other computional device is known as an input device.

Types Of Input Devices

There are many types of input devices. Some of them are the following :
- Touchpad

- MIDI Keyboard

- Graphics tablet

- Optical mark reader

- Audio conversion device


Touchpad is operated by using our finger and dragging it across a flat surface, and the cursor will move in the same direction as your finger. It also has the following names :
- Glide pad

- Glide point

- Pressure sensitive tablet

- Trackpad

It is a input device and found in majority of portable computers ,and also available with some external keyboards.

Audio conversion devices

Audio conversion devices are basically either a cassette tape player, LP record player, or CD player with a connection to a USB port on a computer. The software included with the device records the audio playback from the audio media and converts it to MP3 format. Some devices allow for recording to other audio formats besides MP3. There are multiple companies that build and sell these devices, including DB Tech, Ion and Jensen.