Employee Service Center

Updated to Include Leave Balances

Introducing the Employee Service Center

The Employee Service Center in TEAMS gives you the ability to view your employee account information Absence Reporting, viewing Timecards, Payroll Information and Travel Requests.
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How to Access the Employee Service Center Homepage

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the GCCISD Homepage.
  2. Click the Employee Tab
  3. Click the Employee Service Center link
  4. Log in with your District network user ID and password.
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My Personal Information

Opening the My Personal Information tab will open to the Personal Information tab at the top of the page. To update any of the information, click on the tab at the top: Phone Numbers, Email Address, Emergency Contact, or My Priority Settings.
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Leave Balances

Leave Balances tab - to view leave balances and activity. Leave balances presented, show your cumulative leave balance in hours.

  • Beginning Balance is what was carried over from the previous year on the first day of your assignment.
  • Earned is the cumulative time earned from assignment start date to last payroll run.
  • Absence is the total number of hours taken through last pay period end date.
  • Adjusted is a hyperlink to details of any adjustments made to your leave balances.
  • Current Balance is your leave balance as of the last date of the prior pay period.
  • Pending Absences is any absences that have been approved but have not yet been included in the latest payroll run.
  • Units are the increments of time in which leave balance is displayed, in hours.

Details Tab - to view paystub leave summary for leave code type.

  • Select leave code name and click 'View Details'.
  • Select 'From Date' from dropdown (pay period end date).
  • Select 'To Date' by clicking on calendar icon and selecting date.
  • Click Calculate.

Absence Tab - To search or locate a specific absence or group of absences.

  • Absence Search - Select Absence Reason, click on calendar icon and select Start Date and repeat for End Date of search range. Click Search.
  • Use filters to filter by Absence Reason Code, Date of Absence, Charged Hours, Leave Code or date Processed in Payroll. Select column, click dropdown and select criteria. The results will filter all of the selected criteria. To remove filter, click dropdown and the select blank row.
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My Absence Reporting

This is where you request time off.

My Time Card

Click the My Time Card tab to view actual clock in and out times and past time card data.

  • Verify time daily
  • Notify your time keeper (editor) if there is a missed punch or a change needs to be made
  • Click Approve to verify that everything is correct
  • Your time keeper (editor) will verify and create a time card.
  • The punch is then available for your principal/manager (approver) to approve
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My Employment Records

My Employment Records Display:

  • My Certification - Lists certifications that are on file with HR
  • My Years of Experience - Lists work experience with the District
  • My Employee Transfer Request - How to apply for another job within the District
  • My Job Description - Details of your job duties and tasks
  • My Contract - Contract Signatures

How to Request An Employee Transfer

  1. Click My Employee Transfer Request on the My Employment Records tab
  2. Select the desired Job Category
  3. Click on the Transfer Details tab and complete fields
  4. Click the Personal Records tab and complete fields
  5. Click Submit to process transfer request
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My Payroll Information

TEAMS allows you to View or edit payroll information by clicking these links:

  • My Paychecks - view/download & print pay stubs with details
  • My Payroll Deductions - any deductions (Education Foundation, United Way, etc.)
  • My Tax Withholding (W-4) - employee existing W-4 details
  • My Proposed W-4 - used to see how proposed changes affect your check
  • My W2 - view past W-2's and ability to print W-2 document when it is ready
  • My 1095 - view past 1095 forms and ability to print 1095 document when it is ready
  • My Direct Deposit - view or change existing direct deposit information
  • My Paycheck Location - view campus/location that is in charge of your paycheck

My Travel

Now you can complete and submit travel requests from TEAMS. Click My Travel and the tab opens to the New Request tab.

When to use TEAMS Travel Request:

  • When there is a registration fee to be paid.
  • When there is no registration fee but meals, lodging and/or mileage reimbursement.

Do not use TEAMS Travel Request for MILEAGE ONLY. (Mileage is entered as an Employee Reimbursement in TEAMS).

Click New Request to open that window.

For detail information click Travel Request Documentation.