I Stalked Hemingway!!

& This Is What I Got!

20 Interesting Facts

Hemingway's first son, Jack, was born of his first wife Hadley Richardson in 1923. Later on Hemingway had his second son, Patrick, to his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer in 1928. After that in 1931 Hemingway had his daughter, Gloria, to his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer. Ernest Hemingway served in the military in World War 1 as a ambulance driver for the Italian military. In 1918 he was serously injured and was sent home. He married Hadely Richardsen and they both moved to Paris where he became a foreign correspondent. His first novel was published in 1926. Hemingway and Richardsen divorced in 1927, than he married Pfeiffer. After he returned home from the Spanish Civil War they got a divorce. He then became married to Martha Gellhorn in 1940, then they seperated when he met Mary Welsh in London during World War 2. After the he published the book, The Old Man And The Sea, he went on a safari in Africa where he was almost killed in a plane crash. After the plane crash he was left seriously injuried for the rest of his life. Hemingway lived in Key West, Florida in the 1930s and Cuba between 1940s-1950s. In 1950 he bought a house in Ketchum, Idaho and later committed suicide in the summer of 1961.
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