Hear ye, hear ye!

It's time for the 2021 SBS Summer Challenge!

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Summertime is a great time to try new things. This summer's challenge includes more activities than just reading - though we still want reading to be a major part! You can read or someone can read to you. You can draw pictures, take nature walks, try new yoga poses and more!!

Read at least 650 minutes over the course of the challenge and you will get extra points for the other activities you record. We will see what grade earns the most! Highest scorer in each grade will receive a special prize; it might be a gift card for iTunes, GameStop, B&N, Target or Starbucks!

You will also earn virtual badges along the way and be eligible for other rewards when you return to school in September.

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We are again working with the online reporting system, ReaderZone. It is easy for you or your parents to login the time you are reading and the other activities you have completed on this app. That's what is so special about our challenge this summer. We want you to do lots of things and tell us about them when you return to school. Make sure you log them in as you complete them! Check out the app and you will find all 10 categories!!

Download the ReaderZone app onto any Android, Apple or Amazon device. Log into our program by entering the name 2021 SBS Summer Challenge, using the code:034a2


The 2021 SBS Summer Challenge begins on June 15 and runs through September 15. Don't take the summer slide! There is plenty of time for you to read, challenge yourself with other activities, and have fun this summer!

Go for it!!!

Carol Phillips, Librarian at St. Bartholomew School