By Britney Bank


School is complicated,you dont even get to study before a test.You have to remember what you have learned from the whole entire year.Some teachers are mean,but some are nice,like for example of my teacher,my teacher is nice to me all the time,of course she made me cry once because she took away my antique doll when it was stuffed animal day.My teachers name is Mrs. Kalisek,she is mean to all of the boys because they misbehave a lot.I get nervous sometimes,my teacher said that when you get nervous you start to bite your finger nails,and what I should say is a girls gotta eat right.I love school,but all guys dont.I love to read over my level,I love to just challenge myself,like their is this girl that doesnt like me,her name is Kendall.She is reading a humungous book tht she can barely hold,I think that she is only mean to me because she is jealous of one time,i was going to do the talent show with one of my friends,which is one of Kendall's friends too.That friends name was Sydney Harvey,when I was going to the talet show with her,Kendall told her mom they were doing the talent show together,so when I found out,I was not going to satisfact with this.So i went with my other friend Sydnee Phillips to do the talent show wih her too and ask Sydney Harvey and Kendall Pozzi if we could do the talent show altogether.Kendall said right up to my and Sydnee Phillips that she didnt want to do it with us,so I settled it with doing the talent show with Sydnee Phillips,long story short,it was fun.I hope all of ya'll out their learn from my experiences.