Red River Cart:

  • Up to 500 pounds. (horse)
  • Can go up to 50 miles a day. (horse)
  • Up to 1000 pounds. (oxen)
  • Up to 12 miles a day (oxen)


  • Big two wheels
  • Designed for plains travel
  • Maid with all wood and leather
  • If wheels were removed it can float across a river or lake

What the importance was

The importance of the red river cars was to help people carry supplies when traveling places. People would go hunting with it and carry there meat and supplies from the hunt. People would also use it for supplies for houses and needed supplies for there family from the town back to there house. It was one of the smaller things to carry your supplies and easy for a horses or oxen to pull instead of a big covered wagon etc.

Who invented it

The first red river cart was first built in the red river settlement in Manitoba by the Metis


Selling or renting out Red River Carts

Buy: $70

Rent: $5 day

Repair wheel: $5

New axle: $10

Red River Carts