Woodlands First nations

by jaydanna

Social Organization

The woodlands is made up of many independent groups each of the groups have it's

own hunting territory. the leader generally won his/her position because of his/her possessed great courage. groups are usually had fewer then 400 people. it was not a lot.

Spiritual belief

Stories are passed on from elders. The most important and most common teachings was that people should live in harmony. all the first nations believed that their valve and traditions were gift from the creator.

food resoures

The woodlands hunt with spears and bow and arrows. the food they eat are moose, deer , caribou, fish and berries. they use traps and snares too. the woodlands like to get there own food


their clothes are made out of animal skins like caribou, deer, and moose. they use all the fur on the animal. the clothes also made out of tunics, legging, and moccasins of tanned animal skin. the fur keep on the clothing helps them stay warm.


the woodlands people built there homes that were either portable or easily erected from materials found in their immediate environments. They would take their homes were the animals went.

Modes of transportation

the woodlands first nations constructed birch bark canoes they used light durable and streamlined for navigating. The numerous rivers and lakes when making the canoes builder stretched bark sheets together then fastened them to a wooden framer.