[Earthquake in Northridge]

:Today I interviewed Angelique Valentino who woke up to the whole room shaking around her in 1994, January 17th. The loud sound of shaking and car alarms startled both Angelique and her husband. The 6.7 earthquake lasted for about 10-20 seconds in Northridge. A rude and early awakening for could have been a calm day.

Angelique couldn't move from her bed because of how strong the room was shaking, so she couldn't get much cover. But if you're ever in a time of peril just scream. That's what my interviewer and her soulmate both did.The earthquake resulted in damage such as all of their food flew out of their refrigerator. And even the stair separated from the wall. All of their dishes flew out of the cabinets and same with any items on shelves. The roads had cracked and pipes had broken resulting in water also on streets.

Everyone was trying to get to the market to get food because it was probably all sprawled out on their kitchen floor. Many people gathered as much water as they thought they needed because they feared water would not be in supply for the next couple of days. That is my mom’s story on the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Stay in one place,stay away from windows, have extra light like candles and food. Also a good way to stop things from falling is to use earthquake puddy to stick your belongings safe on your shelves. These are some good tips for your next earthquake experience. Next time you will be prepared!