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NYC Music Trip

NYC Music Trip Information

All information detailing the upcoming New York City (NYC) Music Trip can be found at www.srrmusic.com on the "Trips" page.

Most important information:

1. Download Parent Permission Form (www.srrmusic.com on the trips page);

2. Write a check to SRRHS for $150 or use cash for the Security Deposit;

3. Submit application online (Friday, January 23 at 10:50 am).

*parent permission form and security deposit can be put in the drop box as early as Tuesday, January 20th but no later than Friday, January 23 by 4:00 pm. Checks are to be made out to SRRHS.

Parent Permission Form

Students and parents must read and sign the Parent Permission Form found on www.srrmusic.com. This form (along with your security deposit) can be turned in as early as Tuesday, January 20 and no later than Friday, January 23 by 4:00 pm.
Quick link to Parent Permission Form

This is a quick link to the Parent Permission Form for the NYC Music Trip.

Security Deposit

All students wishing to apply for the NYC Music Trip must have a $150 Security Deposit on file by the deadline of Friday, January 23 at 4:00 pm. Checks should be made out to SRRHS. Deposits should be put in the same envelope as the Parent Permission Form. The Security Deposit and the Parent Permission Form need to placed in the Money Drop Box in the Music Commons near practice room #3.

Application to the NYC Music Trip

All students must make themselves available on Friday, January 23 to make an online application to the NYC Music Trip. Exactly at 10:50 am, a link will become active on the web site www.srrmusic.com. The link will be on the "Trips" page within the www.srrmusic.com website. At exactly 10:50 am, the link will become active. Students are advised to be on the site early to make sure they have a good connection. Students will need to refresh their browser often, because the link will become active without notice. Once the link is active, it is important for them to complete the Google Form and submit as quickly as possible.
Quick link to srrmusic.com Trips page

This is a quick link to the student application link. The link is active on January 23 at 10:50 am!

Why is there an application that sorts all students?

The goal of this trip is to offer students a high quality experience for a reasonable price. To control the cost, we need to fill a bus so that the transportation cost is as low as possible. To be fair, we are asking students to use a google form to log the sequence of when students submit their application. The google form will time stamp each entry and give Mr. Mick and Mr. Campbell a sorted list of students. From that list we will make decisions about how many students can participate and who will be selected.

We tested the google form process and it worked beautifully. The result is currently posted on the srrmusic.com trips page.

Chaperones for NYC Music Trip

We will need chaperones for the NYC Music Trip. All parents interested in being a chaperone must make application in a similar manner to the student application. It is difficult to predict the number of chaperones we need because we do not have a total number of students at this point. Our general rule is 1 adult for every 7 students.

Our process will be to use the google form process just like students. Chaperones will need to complete a Chaperone Agreement Form and submit that along with a security deposit ($75) anytime between January 20 through January 23 at 4:00 pm. We welcome parents who have experience chaperoning students.

Once we see the number of students and the balance of gender of the students accepted, we will sort through the adult chaperone acceptance process. Each bus will have at least one experienced chaperone. From there, we will look at the sorted order of applications that were made (Friday, January 23 at 12:00 noon).

Quick link to Chaperone Agreement Form

This is a quick link to the Chaperone Agreement Form for the NYC Music Trip.

Quick link to srrmusic.com Trips page

This is a quick link to the chaperone application page. The link will become active at 12:00 noon on Friday, January 23.

Security Deposit refunds

All students need to know that the security deposit that is made will be held until we verify that all students selected have completed all parts of the application process. This includes the parent permission form. Students who are not accepted to be a part of the trip will get their security deposit back on Tuesday, January 27. This also will apply to adults who apply to be a chaperone.

Security Deposit Payment

All security deposit payments must be either check or cash. Checks need to be made out to SRRHS. Please make sure that deposits and parent permission forms and chaperone agreement forms are in clearly marked envelopes with your name on them. It is also very helpful if your check has the words "NYC Music Trip" written on the memo portion of the check.

It will be helpful if one envelope includes more than one student security deposit and a parent chaperone security deposit that the names of all who are submitting their deposits are clearly marked on the outside of the envelope.

When will we know if we were accepted on the trip?

Students will be notified first by email. The email that you submit on your application will be the email your acceptance email will be sent. You will be instructed what to do on that email. Once we have verification that the students notified have verified their participation, we will notify both chaperones and students who were not accepted.

All of this will happen sometime between January 25-30. Please do not ask Mr. Mick or Mr. Campbell if you were accepted. We will make the announcements through email. If you do not get notified right away, do not panic. There may be situations where a student accepted chooses not to participate and you may be asked after the initial wave of announcements.

NYC Music Trip Proposed Itinerary

View the proposed itinerary for this trip.