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The Environmental Issues of Canada

Canada has many environmental problems. One of them is Acid Rain in the Great Lakes. Many factories are located by a Great Lake. The problem? The factories pollute the Great Lakes' water and air. When the water cycle continues, the acidic water in the Great Lakes evaporates, then precipitates as Acid Rain.


Why would Quebec want independence, you ask? Here, let me tell you. First off, Quebec is the only French state in a sea of British states! Canada has 12 British states and 1 French state, Quebec. Quebec feels that it should not be 2nd class in its own country, and I think that it is right to believe that. Second of all, Quebec is doing more work than anyone else (economically). Its leaving would make a big hole in Canada's industry. A quarter of the population and 170 billion dollars would go as well! Canada will be cut from Ontario (Quebec is between them). And who will speak for Canada? The prime minister and 75 places in the House of Commons are Quebec! Half of Quebec claims that they would vote "yes" to go if the time comes. If they win, Quebec will take a year to negotiate terms. If the negotiations fail, "unilateral" independence will be declared.

Map of Canada!

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