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Newsletter Of The Wolf Gang Advisory - Volume 1, Issue 2

Mr. Hobbs bringing some mad skills to Pick Me Up

Mr. Hobbs - Pick Me Up Shelby Co. Big Picture

Pick Me Ups (PMUs)

Pick Me Ups are an important component to the culture of Big Picture Learning. This is an opportunity to share talents, skills, interests, and have a little fun. The name tells it all. We want to bring energy and excitement to our kids and school. We want to share our cultures and ideas. We want to express ourselves and enjoy our time together. Pick Me Ups set the stage for learning to occur and brings opportunities to share passions.


Many of our students have expressed concerns about the autobiography expectations. We hear them and we listen! Shelby Co. Big Picture Learning Academy Advisors have come together and decided to make some adjustments to our expectations and deadlines. Our final page amount for this year is 25 pages. This will be completed in increments. Our first deadline is to have 5 pages completed by September 30th. Students have been given ample time during school to work on this assignment and this deadline is very reasonable. The autobiography conisists of ten chapters. The 25 page expectation can be allocated within these 10 chapters any way the student likes. Students seem comfortable with these changes and we hope/feel this will be an outstanding reflective experience for all students.

Please be sure to ask your Wolf Gang member about their work and help them stay on pace for completion. Be conscious that some of the written material may be very personal, and that our students' comfort level of sharing may vary.

Order Big Picture Learning Gear

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This online store will be open until September 26th, so be sure to get your orders submitted. There are several great items for the fall weather. We will have additional temporary online stores to offer winter or spring gear later on in the year.

Narrative Progress Report

Many Big Picture Schools have replaced the traditional grading system with narratives. These are written documents that provide insight and clarity to the academic, emotional, and social growth of a student. We will be doing a minature version of this document as our school's progress report for the first few weeks. We hope this will provide details that you would not find on a traditional progress report. Be on the look out for this narrative and feel free to direct any questions or concerns to any of your child's teachers. You can still expect a "normal" report card for future progress reports and end of the quarter grades.