What things are to be taken care

What things are to be taken care of while installing

What things are to be taken care of while installing the extension?

Today belleacademy.co.uk is going to tell you the secret of applying the keratin tip which are been told only to the students who come to them for hair extension courses but while seeing the craze of youngsters on hair extension they are very aesthetic to tell them in this article. You must have gone through the articles in which they have told about how to start and what process is to be followed so starting just after that, place the clip on the clients natural hair using the fusion connector proceeds to melt the keratin for 2 to 3 seconds until it begins to bubble. The keratin should be melted but do remember that it should not be too long as it may damage the keratin primer and weaken the bond. After that wait for 2 to 3 seconds to settle the hair down and if required place the finger bond to check the extension is properly geared and applied, this will allow the hair and hair extension to be filed away from the head. Check that it is done properly because if there is any bubble or some portion left unheated then the water will move in and weaken the keratin extension bond.

Once the all the things are done then remove the disc and verify that the extension is free to move in all directions, this is very important to ensure comfort along with the pleasure the next extension should be applied about 1 ½ or 2 inch away from the earlier one. Once the first line of division is finished the stylist has to recheck and confirm again that everything is right before moving on, the additional row should be used in and above the earlier one completes the same installation process until you have done with the entire row. When applying the extensions it is equally important to know as told by hair extension courses where the hair extends at the end for those areas you can carefully cut the keratin tips into half, apply the same procedure till the ratio is complete of 50 percent between the clients hair and the extension hairs, this same method is used for highlight as well. Once all rows and keratin tips are been applied proceed with the cut of the hair which is been desired the client as she told in the beginning.