Team Awesome

November 4-8

Social Studies - Cantrell

This is a busy week. Our Latin America Government Test is on Wednesday, November 6. Students have a study guide and we have went over it in class.

Between now and Thanksgiving Break we are working on finishing the first part of our Create a Country Project. I will be meeting with each student and developing a plan for their project. More information on that to follow.

Thursday we will hold our class Geography Bee during Social Studies Class. Our team winner will compete in the school Bee.

We will start our new unit on Latin American Economics on Friday.

Math - Davis

Regular Math: We will finish up our Expressions Unit this week. Please ask to see your child's "contract" to see what they have accomplished in this unit. Test and performance task will be this Thursday or Friday, depending on student readiness.

Look for Math Maintenance this week

Regular Tutoring will NOT be held this Weds.

Advanced Math - We begin our Equations Unit this week. Students will learn how to solve multi-step equations with the variable on one side and solve 2-step inequalities. All grades for the Expressions Unit will be in campus by Tuesday of this week.

POW will be posted on the website.

Advanced Tutoring will be held this Monday 11/4.

Science - Selzer

This week we will be working in groups to set up an experiment about evaporation. We will also learn about groundwater as part of our unit on water processes. Students were given the study guide for the water unit on last Friday, November 1st. Study this study guide for 10-15 minutes each night!

Science Exposition: Students need to continue to work on their science project. Several handouts to aid in the process have been given out, including a rubric for each type of project (scientific inquiry, invention, and environmental innovation).

Language Arts - Wallace

This week in ELA, we'll work on cultivating our abilities to have meaningful discussions in class, and in the process, we'll work on evaluating nonfiction. We'll also work on our narrative writings and continue our class read alouds, which will serve as models for our narratives.