Protecting From Identiy Theft

Protect yourself so your identity wont get stolen.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a form of fraud in which someone pretends to be someone else by taking that persons identity.

Smart moves to make sure your credit and family are not harmed.

  • Surround your Credit- Check your credit card statements regularaly to make sure your social security number isn't stolen.
  • Shred- Shred all the past year’s documents like bank statements, credit cards, and financial statements if they arent being used.
  • Spam Mail- Never respond to any offers or pop ups.
  • Be careful at ATMs.
  • And always use a strong password.

4 ways how your identity can be stolen.

  • Your email or phone number- You can get fake telemarkting or fundraising events.
  • Drivers License- They can get your birth date, full name, basic info, adress.
  • Credit cards- if you lose your cards then theifs can gain acsess.
  • Your social networks- theifs can gain lots of info about where you live and who you are.

If your identity is stolen....

Contact your credit card companys and cancel your cards.

Contact the police.

Some websites theifs can easily gain information from.

Identity Theft is at a three year peak. Wake up yall!

By: Julia Jackson