Electronic Cigarette!

I hate Bad regulations on my Good Electronic Cigarette!

I don’t like when something bad happens with those which are actually not bad. The same is happening with the electronic cigarettes which I consider the best. Being a user of electronic cigarettes, I have the right to judge the product which I am using. I am conscious and know what ingredients constitute an electronic cigarette.

Before putting the stamp of best on White Cloud Electronic Cigarette, I researched it profoundly and reached to the conclusion that it is an alternative with many superior characteristics. I had the options to choose the flavors and different strengths of nicotine. I can choose different flavors and strengths of nicotine each time I order and as far as my knowledge about tobacco cigarette is concerned there is no such option.

Many regulators are eyeing at electronic cigarettes and imposing many regulations on it which is bad. The idea to classify electronic cigarettes as the medicinal products is totally crap. Many electronic cigarette reviews are out in the market but none bet for its medicinal properties. Customers found it as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes but it is definitely different from that. Electronic cigarettes have been subjected to the same restriction as that of tobacco cigarettes. But is it fair? Electronic cigarettes produce vapor and not smoke. It does not disturb its surrounding then why regulators and health officials are subjecting it to same restriction.

It is really difficult to understand what regulators are up to. For me, best electronic cigarette brand is White Cloud Electronic Cigarette which I am using now and will use in future too.