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October 25, 2021

Drug Free Looks Like Me!


Every year Massena Elementary students and staff wear red ribbons or bracelets while participating in a week of fun activities that bring awareness to the destruction caused by drugs in America. Red Ribbon Week helps to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. The Red Ribbon Campaign® is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation reaching millions of young people.

Red Ribbon Week takes place this year from October 25-October 29. You will find below a list of the fun and crazy activities that each elementary school has planned for this year. Please encourage your child to participate and have fun!

This year’s theme is "DRUG FREE LOOKS LIKE ME!

Monday, October 25th Outrageous Red Day

Wear red to represent Drug Free Awareness! Students, faculty, staff

are to begin wearing their bracelets and something RED!

Tuesday, October 26th Team Up Tuesday

Students, faculty and staff are to team up against drugs by wearing their favorite team shirt or jersey. It can be a team that you play on too!

Wednesday, October 27th Check Yourself, Be Drug Free Day

Students, faculty and staff are invited to wear something plaid!

Thursday, October 28th Peace Out To Drugs Day

Students, faculty and staff are to wear something tie dye,

colorful, or something with a peace sign.

Friday, October 29th Say BOO to Drugs Day

Students can wear a costume or a scary Halloween shirt.

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Red Ribbon Public Service Announcement

Jefferson Elementary has three new WMSA radio announcers.

Prior to Red Ribbon Week each year, the 6th grade students write public service announcements about being drug free and living healthy lifestyles. The PSA's are played on WMSA throughout Red Ribbon Week. The 2021 Red Ribbon Week theme is Drug Free Looks Like Me!. The following students were chosen to go to WMSA and record their PSA's: Peyton Thompson (Porcaro), Jackson Thibault (Arcet), and Joseph Terrance (Arcet).
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We Need You!!

The Massena Central School District is in critical need of substitute teachers for the 2021-22 school year. Choose your preferred school and grade level with flexible hours! Requirements include fingerprint clearance through NYSED and High School Diploma or GED.

If interested please complete this short form.

Jefferson's New Nurse

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Welcome Mrs. Jacqueline Matthie.

Jefferson Elementary would like to welcome Jackie Matthie to our school as our new nurse.

Mrs. Matthie has over 20 years of registered nursing experience. She loves working with children and is extremely excited about joining our Jefferson family.

Welcome Jackie!

Remember!!!! Jefferson’s Library Online Scholastic Book Fair

Happening Right Now!!

Jefferson’s Library Online Scholastic Book Fair

Oct. 18-31, 2021

We did not have a book fair last year because of the Pandemic. This year due to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns we still wish to have a book fair. However, the Book fair will be virtual to keep everyone safe.

Books make great presents for the holidays and birthdays. The love of books and reading is a gift for life. The sale profit will benefit all the students in the school by adding more books to the library.

The Online Scholastic Book Fair link will be on the Jefferson Library’s Web Page. The Book Fair link will also be posted on the Jefferson Newsletter. Books are delivered to your home from Scholastic.

You can also use the Book Fair link below:


Last week's Positivity Project character strength was Forgiveness. The students were each given an eraser to symbolize forgiveness. Students were challenged to move past being injured, and allow themselves to reconcile with the person who hurt them.

Individuals with this strength are likely to think, feel, or behave in the following ways:

• I can let it go.

• I forgive you.

• I don’t hold grudges for long periods of time.

• It’s ok. Let’s move on.

• I can understand why you did that.

• Although what you did hurt me, I am ready to move on.

• Forgiving others for their transgressions releases a burden in my own heart.

• Forgiveness shows that you’re a strong person.

Recognized for Demonstrating Forgiveness

Picture Day at Jefferson

Jefferson's Statue of Liberty

Jefferson student, Carter Corrice, loves learning about the states and statues.
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This week's character strength focus is Creativity


You come up with new and original ways to

think about and do things.

Individuals with this strength might be described as:

  • Original
  • Imaginative
  • Innovative
  • Artistic
  • Inventive
  • Inspired

Early Dismissal This Friday

Friday, October 29-Early Dismissal-11:30

Plan Ahead-Early Dismissal





All Elementary walkers.………11:30AM

PreK – Gr 6 Bus students dismissed at…………..……....…….11:45AM