Maximize Dot Dollars - DAY 1

Lets make the most of dot dollars - Take Action!

Make sure you are sending an email TODAY with the codes!

It is super easy to export your report and cut and paste your codes into an email. The codes are also under your customers account on the website. They will have to log in to see them. We are going to provide amazing customer service and help them find their codes. To do this cut and paste the below words to say INDIVIDUALLY to each dot dollar earner and add these pictures that show what they can get for a STEAL!

Subject line: Your Dot Dollars are Here!!

I hope you are doing well and loving your fab Stella & Dot items! Thanks again! I wanted to reach out to you b/c your Stella & Dot - Dot Dollars are here!

**You have earned $xxx towards a $xxx purchase! Woohoo for style for a steal! Redemption period starts today Tuesday Dec 27th and goes through Monday January 4th.

Your codes are (and you can also find under account when you login into your account.)
  • xxxx
  • xxxxx
  • xxxx

I would love to make this super easy for you and take your order and put it in for you! Then you don't have to worry about it! Or if you’d like to shop online, here is the Dot Dollars Shopping Link: Someone is going to win the hostess rewards and this could be YOU!

Let me know what you love or if you have any questions on what fab pieces to scoop up.

Chat soon, xoxo Beth

Here are some of my top pics for this season and all year. The Pictures are Below!! And you can also just this out and more on my site

Okay let's go for it! And check out the pinned post on our HOG page. When you get a dot dollar order post it there!