Carolina's Awsome Project

Ancient Greece and Rome

What is architecture?

What is architecture? Architecture is science and art od designing building. The architecture can produce a work of art, buts it's also functional. Ready to learn more.


Columus-a type of long wood that keep the building up.

They are use to keep the buildings straight.

They help the structure look stately and inspiring.

Anient Greece and Rome/ Present Day Buildings

Anient Greece and Rome Present Day

  • 1. Colosseum, Glenview Middle School
  • 2. Acroplis, State Building
  • 3. Temples, Temples


do you remember everything? I remember, the colmns, arches, domes, and how they help the structure a lot. Remember the materials they used wer stone, brick, wood, and concrete. Also the example of buildings from Anient Greece and Rome and present day.