arctic fox animal reseach


The Ecosystem of an Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox ecosystem is so cold the they make burrows in the snow to keep warm.They also wrap their tail around them so no snow gets in the burrows they make in the snow.

The Endangered Arctic Fox

An Artic Fox's Adaptations

The Arctic Fox needs to have more body heat during the winter than in the summer. Arctic Fox's have short limbs, short muzzels, and short ears to help keep their internal body heat warm.

Is the Arctic Fox a carnivore, herbvivore, or omnivore?

The arctic fox is an omnivore because it eats fish, fruit, and other stuff.

How can humans help or be harmful to the arctic fox?

Humans can help this animal by not killing this animal for its skin. People can be harmful by killing it and destroying its home.

Dose it have any special behaviors?

Yes, the artic fox's fur changes colors during the year. It has one color for summer and one color for winter. The winter coat is white and the summer coat can be brown and grey.

Resources/Other Notes

My resources are Mid-Continent Public Library, Google, and National Geographic Kids. I think the Arctic Fox is a beautiful animal.