Reproductive cloning

EQ: Is reproductive cloneing good for mankind?

Pros: About reproductive cloning

1. We could bring back dead animals.

2. We could bring back dead people that were important to the world.

3. We could make peacefull protest groups.

4. We could clone dead or extinct animals.

5. We could clone a trustworthy president to live forever.

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Cons: About reproductive cloning

1. The public would not agree with Reproductive Cloneing.

2. We are trying to play the role of "God".

3. 70 to 80% of the cloned baby's would have birth defects.

4. There would be a huge public outcry.

5. Many people could sell clones as mass slaves.

6. It would be used for bad things. Ex: Making an Army Of Saddam Hussein.

Questions: About reproductive cloning.

1. Would international law allow cloneing?

2. What are we missing to clone humans?

3. It is very hard to clone humans b/c we have never done it before.

4. Will we be able to freeze the embrions then defreeze them?

5. Do we have the skills to clone humans?

6. Could this affect the world?Ex: The Butterfly Effect

EQ: Is reproductive cloning good for mankind?

I think it is not good for mankind. Through all my findings it had more Cons than Pros. I say No because it could disrupt life as we know it. We could think that we are talking to the real Mrs. Smith but we could be talking to her clone. It could also make us look like we are trying to play the role of "God".


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