Pride Of Baghdad

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Pride of Baghdad

This book is about animals who during the war against Afghanistan and the U.S.A they were bombed out of there zoo and when on an adventure turning on each other always fighting but coming together for a common goal
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power or right to speak or act or think without consequences to you for think about what you wan to think about or what you say out loud
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A portrayal through stories and poems and pictures that send a hidden meaning to the people who are experiencing it that the author wanted to get across to the participants
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Thing that represents or stands for something else represents material objects or abstract objects
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-Zill is the father figure of the lions because he provides a sense of security for Safa, Noor and Ali's dad.

-He is a laid back chilled guy always showing how fierce he is but also showing the more calmer side of him just don't mess or provoke him.

- Zill symbolizes a concern father worrying about the war and what it does.

- Freedom to Zill is you think that stupid thing knows how to be free

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- Safa is an independent person with a temper due to lack of trust in the past she personally does not like change especially when it affects the people around her.

-Safa symbolizes the Sunni Iraqi the oppressors and supporters of Hussein.

- Freedom to Safa is the chance to live freely but also safely even if it means being caged in.

- If the zoo is the price i have to pay for that then so be it.

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- Noor is mother always looking for the best in people even after they disappoint her like when she let then antelope go and also when she trusted the monkey's

- She is a symbol of Shia Iraqi wanting to be free of the cage that she was put in and not realizing that the cage in some cases is better.

- Freedom to Noor is the chance to be free with no one over her shoulder to tell her were to go or what to do she really wants to be free, Freedom can't be given only earned

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