Helping Hands Resource Room

Attention Bay Port Students!

Are you looking for more academic support?

Come to our Resource Room! All students welcomed!

Start Date: Monday, September 23rd!

Where: C115

When: Every day-Monday Through Friday

Time: During school hour: 1st –12th period

After school: 2:35-3:30 (To be starting at a later date! Stay Tuned!)

How do students “sign Up”?

1. Students need to get a pass from their academic teacher. In the event that the student is in study hall and wants to go to the resource room, a phone call to the resource room by the supervisor will be required. Phone # is: 662-7117.

2. Student will go to their study hall and show the pass to that study hall supervisor.

3. Student will go to the resource room and give pass to the mentor.

4. Student will sign into the resource room just as he/she does in the library and Student Services. This log sheet with be shared with Mrs. Gerczak for attendance purposes.

5. If a student leaves the resource room before the bell, the mentor will sign the pass allowing the student to go back to his/her study hall. This pass will then be given to the study hall supervisor.

We hope to see you in the Resource Room.

Mission Statement: Helping Hands mission is to provide a safe learning environment during and after the regular school day where peers tutor peers in any core academic area. Our mentors have been carefully selected to provide the best instructional support he/she can and to be positive role models in our school and community.